Typical Top & Top Frame Diagrams
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This Series Of Diagrams Is Presented For The Purpose Of Helping Our Customers Better Understand The Terminology Used To Describe Convertible Tops, Glass And Plastic Rear Windows, Top Frames, etc. These Diagrams Are Universal, And While No One Diagram Will Show Full Details Of A Specific Top, Almost Any Part Of Any Top Will Appear In One Of These Diagrams.



~Click Links Below To See Larger Diagrams~


Figure 1: Top Frame

FIgure 2: Top, Inside View

Figure 3: Typical American Car Top, Outside View

Figure 4: Typical Rear Curtain Assembly Showing Partial Top Pads, Quarter Pads, And Tack Rail

Figure 5: Typical Import Car Top With Frame Mounted Door Glass Weatherseals

Figure 6: Typical American Car Top, Showing Installation

Figure 7: Typical Import Car Top, With Flaps, Rainguard, And Skirt (British Style)




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